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Graphic Art & Advertsing Studio
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Hello, I am CEP. I run The artist outlet where I sell my art. Most of what you see here is my own stuff but occasionally I sell prints from other artists too.

I paint because I have some creative fire that must come down on paper. And I am just obsessed with colors and the craftmanship of fine art printing.

I have a professional career in the marketing industry as a Marketing Manager and previously as an Art Director in my own Graphic Design Studio.

I am inspired by abstract expressionism.

My great inspiration is the work of Jackson Pollock. Always trying to arrive at this intangible point of equilibrium in colors and a motive of more or less caos. The spot where you gently know in your gut that this is just right. You feel a little happy. You may even feel a tiny little bit in love. For a swift moment.

I hope some of my works inspire you too.

It has become my thing working with digital techniques and media. All my works are created digitally in some way, either as pixel or vector based format. I have a close colaboration with my print lab partner who is just one of the best in the world. You will sure agree when you hold a print in your hands. The final result deeply depends on the right print technique and paper quality.

Because I work with digital techniques each of my prints is an Original. Not reproductions. There is no loss in colors or texture in the process. In fact, it's the other way around. The perfect print process just ad new dimensions to the work.

That's why I call my art Democratic Art. This is The Peoples Gallery!